[College & Teachers] Tips for Developing Your Lesson Plan!

Lesson Plan is a mind map which contains lessons and techniques used by teachers. It is created before teaching. It becomes important because teacher can enhance the students’ ability through it. Moreover, teachers are able to calculated the time in learning and teaching.

A good lesson plan will bring good effects to the lesson given to the students. Whenever it is not well-developed, the students will not be able to absorb the materials maximally. Creating lesson plan can be confusing for some teachers and students of Education Faculty, especially when the lessons must be divided into themes for around two until three meetings. Troublesome lesson plans will be burdens for students of Education Faculty when doing teaching simulation

In this article, there will be several tips which you can try in order to create lesson plans. I hope it really helps you!

1. Skills vs Themes

In everyday situation, we may see some teachers are confused in deciding skills and the themes. Factually, you should not get confused of those two things.

As your first start, you can see the textbook of the students. After that, you can choose among four language skills. For example, you choose speaking, then you can decide the kinds of activity to improve speaking skills. Once you have the ideas, it will be easier to decide the themes, but make sure that you choose proper themes which are suitable for the students’ age.

2. Achievement Indicator

Achievement indicator is goals which you want your students to master. It is the most important part in creating lesson plan because you can guarantee the results after following your lesson.

This part must be relevant with the skills chosen. While deciding indicators, you have to arrange it neatly. You can use specific words such as determine, identify, etc.

3. Types of activity

This part will connect to scaffolding and worksheets or practice given. It must be mention in your lesson plan so that it can be clear.

Do not forget to look back to the indicators while choosing the activities. Since you have decided what skills your students must master, it must be relevant and interconnected.

4. Media

When you have decided skills, themes, indicators, and activity, you should know what kinds of media you will use when teaching.

Including media in your lesson plan will help you in preparing the lesson. You will be not disappointed whenever you have determined media in teaching.

5. Techniques

Techniques are about how you deliver the materials to the students. It helps your students to learn and understand the materials. This part must be carefully decided because once you use wrong techniques, it will affect to goals or indicators.

Techniques used in teaching must be included in order to achieve the goals decided. The techniques you have chosen may not be fully used according to the situation and condition since there will be some possibilities such as the absence of a student or noises

6. Sources

The last part is sources where you get materials. Materials from internet or any references books are not fully developed from you, so you must include the sources.

Usually, sources are included when it is about worksheets, videos, or techniques.

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Improve Your Grammar through These Ways!

Grammar is sentence structures which are constructed in order to make non verbal communication clear. Grammar is important, especially in English writing because English grammar has different contexts based on situations and periods. People who learn English usually find difficulties in mastering grammar.

Based on the description above, this article seek to share some tips to enhance your grammar skills. You can improve your grammar through:

1. Practice




The more you practice

The better you get


Those quotes may have similar meaning with “Practice makes perfect“. It sounds simple and convincing, but some people who want to master English grammar do not really believe the advantages of practice. They just simply answer the questions about grammar. After that, they do not take another kind of practice.

To master English grammar, you have to practice regularly. Through practice, you know your weaknesses which can be minimized. It is suggested to practice grammar with different kinds of practice such as cloze texts, re-order the sentences.

2. Concept vs Pattern

Which one is more important? Concept or Pattern? This question is still arguable. Some people may consider concept as the basic understanding to master English grammar while most people prefer keeping the pattern of the sentences in their mind.

It has been well-considered that every grammar has its own pattern. However, to construct meaningful sentences, it is also important to know the concept. Mastering English grammar through pattern will just like learning mathematics. Is it agreeable for you to use this tactic?

3. Reading

What is the effects of reading on grammar? This question may cross your mind whenever you read this article. Factually, reading can help the learners to understand English grammar.

Why? Because while you reading novels or any books, you can see how writers use the tenses, adjectives, adverbs, noun or pronouns. As an extended advantage, you will get some knowledge through this way.

4. Applying in your daily life

Whenever you have learned the English grammar, it is advisable not to spare it. While you spare your grammar skill, you easily forget the structures and concept. Another result of sparing the skill is the redudancy of sentences. Redudancy is the unimportant repetition in sentences.

Based on the facts above, do you still plan not to apply your skill in your daily life? Let’s think about it once again!

5. Feeling Confident with Mistakes

Most English learners are afraid of making mistake while learning English grammar. In fact, mistakes are the sign to be better than it used to be.

You have to feel confident in order to master English grammar. Making mistakes will not ruin your grammar skill because through mistakes, you learn how to construct good sentences.

Among those ways, which one do you prefer?

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