English is a language which is widely used in many different fields such as education, travel, and hospitality. English is spoken in many foreign countries especially the United Kingdom and the United States. It is also known as the first global lingua franca. People from the other countries such as Indonesia and China learn it mostly. In Indonesia, English is considered as foreign language in the non-native English speakers country, and most people have difficulties in learning and using it. Besides the difficulties in learning, people then do not really know about the techniques used in teaching English. Walking With English is created to help learners and teachers to understand English and the teaching technique as well. This blog is also a media to inform about everything related to English. The specification about this blog will be explained in the sections below:

What is Walking With English?

Walking With English is a blog which will tell about everything about English such as learning, teaching, working, translation, and literature. It also provides the examples of lesson plan and learning materials. Besides the things mentioned, it shares the articles, tips and facts which can motivate the readers to learn English.


Walking With English is created for several purpose which are:

  1. To help people who have difficulties in learning and teaching English.
  2. To encourage learners to learn English continuously.
  3. To inform the readers about facts and ideas regarding to English.
  4. To ease the readers in creating the teaching-learning program.


Walking With English will help the readers through the articles which will be updated regularly. The readers are free to read the articles and leave comments. It is allowed to ask some questions if there are difficulties. The readers can also request the topics for the articles.

The explanation above can hopefully help the readers. If there are any questions, do not hesitate to contact the owner. Thank you for your attention. Keep walking with English!