[Vocabulary] Collocation (Word Partners)

Hi everyone! I hope that all of you are fine. I have seeked for inspiration for the posts in this blog for a long time. Then, I find collocation as a good material for vocabulary.

I am very sure that most of you have ever learned about collocation. In today’s vocabulary section, I will explain about collocation including the example. There are about 3 sub categories that I am going to discuss here. Let’s check it out!

1. The Definition of Collocation

Collocation is known as word partners. It means that these words come together and it forms meaningful phrases. It is not randomly matched. 

For example:

  • I make a mistake 
  • He caught a cold
  • She does not tell a truth

As you can see from the example above, the words stick together and form clear meanings. Once we drop some parts of the words, the meanings are totally not the same anymore or incomplete such as make… or ….cold.

2. The Kinds

There are three kinds of collocation such as:

  • Verb + noun

Example: start a family, tell a story, take a nap, miss a person, have an argument, make a decision, tell a story, run a company,etc.

  • Adjective + noun

Example: soft drink, great success, heavy traffic, a loud voice, wet weather, heavy rain, hard work, etc.

  • Adverb + adjective

Example: vitally important, fully awake, terribly sorry, extremely wonderful, slightly higherm, etc. 

3. Collocation in dictionaries

For further information, you can look forward the other kinds of collocation in the dictionaries. Usually, the collocations are found to be written in bold or italics. It is written after the meaning of certain words.

Thank you for reading and visiting, I will always try to inform useful information through articles and posts. I am sorry if you wait for too long. Good luck for your success, readers! 

It is such a pleasure for me to share my knowledge for you 😀


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