[Writing] How to Write Narrative Text

Hi everybody! How is it going? I hope you are all fine. For this time, I will discuss about writing with Narrative Text as the material. 

What comes on your mind when you hear about Narrative text? Fictional? Imaginative? I am sure that some of you may think of what I have mentioned before. It is true that Narrative is something which is fictional or imaginative. There are four sub topics which I am going to discuss below. The sub topics are the definition, the function, generic structure,  and language feature.

1. What is Narrative Text?

Narrative text is a text which talk about imaginative story. The story can be in a form of fairy tales or unusual story. You can determine that the text is Narrative when the story is completely out of reality and the characters are imaginative such as fairy, witch, or dwarves.

2. The Function

The function of Narrative is to entertain the readers. Why? Because the contents of Narrative tends to be unreal and unusual. Since its function is to entertain, you may find it to be relaxing to read. 

Besides entertaining, Narrative invites the readers to imagine more based on the story. It makes the readers predict the next problem occurred. 

3. Generic Structure

There are four parts of generic structure in Narrative text such as:

  • Orientation: this part deals with the introduction of the characters and setting. It tells about the opening of the story.
  • Complication: it is about the problems which are faced by the main characters. The causes of the problem are included here
  • Resolution: resolution is about the solution based on the problems in the complication part. It can be called as problem solving part. 
  • Re-orientation: this is about the ending of the story. Moral values can be added in this part. 

4. Language Feature

The language feature used here is Simple Past Tense and conjunction such as once upon a time, however, finally, later, etc. 

If you forget about Simple Past Tense, you can check the explanation in the previous section. 

Thank you for visiting and reading my post readers 😀. I know I do not always upadate it since I need to find inspiration. That is why I post it lately. Do not forget to like or respond this post through comments. Thank you once again!!


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