[Grammar] Simple Past Tense

Hi guys! It’s nice to see you here. For today, I will discuss Simple Past Tense since last time in the grammar section, we had understood about Simple Present and Present continuous. 

Before I go to to the main explanation of Simple Past, I want you to think about everything which is all about past event. The example of past events which are quite common are historical event and holiday or vacation you had ever done. 

What is Simple Past?

Through the opening that I did in the previous paragraph, I am sure that all of you will totally understand that Simple Past is a kind of tense used to talk about events in the past. Got it? All right, this concept must be known first if you want to master Simple Past as well. Why should it be? Because most people are confused between the use of Simple Present and Simple Past. 

Before you want to use Simple Present or Simple Past, you have to know about the concept instead of pattern. Make sure you absorb the ideas and differentiate the differences between Simple Present and Simple Past.


The pattern of simple past is:

(+) Subject + Verb 2 

Example: I slept at 9 pm last night.

(-) Subject + did + not + V1

Example: He did not brush his teeth.

(?) Did + subject + V1

Example: Did you visit your grandma?

Time Signal

– Last….

– Yesterday

– …… ago

– in 1960/any year

Note to remember

There are two kinds of verb in simple past which are regular verb and irregular verb. Regular verb is the change of the verb from basic form into the past participle form in the regular manner. It means that the change is indicated with the end of -ed/d based on the spelling of the verbs









While for irregular verb, the changes of the verbs from the basic into the second one are quite significant. It is changed differently from the basic.









I hope that this post really helps you all. Do not hesitate to ask some questions or share your thoughts about this post. Thank you for reading and visiting 😁

Be dilligent, be smart learners


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