[College & Teachers] Techniques to Have Your Students Improve Their Reading Skills 

Hi readers and visitors! Thank you for being loyal to wait for the posts in this blog. As the owner, I am really sorry for you if the posts are not regularly updated. 

In this time, I will continue the section for college and teachers. This section is to help students in the college, especially the ones who study at teacher training faculty teach reading to the students. Besides that, this section can help the teachers who look for the right tecniques in teaching reading. 

All right, I am sure all of you have ever heard about some techniques for teaching reading. The techniques have their own strengths and weaknesses, and not all of them can maximally improve the students’ reading skill. In this post, there are some techniques which can be used in maximally improving reading skill. 

1. Jigsaw

The first technique to have your students read is jigsaw. There are two kinds of jigsaw which are jigsaw 1 and jigsaw 2. Both of them are closely similar. What makes them different is the division system of reading text. In jigsaw 1, there will be 4 people in each group, and they get paragraphs which are labeled as A-B-C-D. In contrast with the first jigsaw, jigsaw 2 divides the reading texts into numbers, 1-2-3-4. 

2. Think-Pair-Share

Think-Pair-Share is also a technique to improve your students’ reading skill. It contains three steps which encourage your students to brainstorm about the reading passages of certain topic.

This technique is quite simple and flexible because it can be used for students at any age. 

3. One stay, Two stray

Another technique besides the previous ones is One stay, Two stray. This technique is not often used by the teachers, but it is quite enjoyable. 

This tecnique allows your students to exchange information among groups. The additional advantage of using this technique is your students can enhance their critical thinking towards the information given. If you want to use this technique, make sure that you form four-member groups because the bigger groups will not be effective, and it causes noises in the class. 

4. Think-Pair-Square

This technique is a bit similar to Think-Pair-Share. The difference of both techniques is on the form of the groups. In Think-Pair-Share, students can choose their own partners and exchange their opinions about the reading passage while Think-Pair-Square itself allows the students do the same thing, but the students who are paired together must form square sitting position, two students face the other twos. 

5. Numbered heads together

This tecnique can also be the alternative option to have your students read effectively. Why? Because through this technique, students can share their opinions with the groups’ member. They can also work and finish the exercises together. It involves team work skill and speaking skill. 

Those techniques can be used in your class based on the avaibility of the time. Make sure that you have known the steps to do it since clear instructions are the key to make the conducive teaching-learning activities. 
Thank you for reading and visiting. If you have any questions, you are allowed to ask 😀

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