Find Out Why English Is Important in Many Different Fields!

Hello guyss πŸ˜€, I hope you all are still loyal to read and visit this blog although the posta here are not updated every day. For today’s topic, I am going to discuss about the reason why English is important in many different fields. 

In the past, English were not really seen as an aspect which wass important in many fields such as education, culture or trades. However, In this global era, many companies and institution decide that their employees must be able to communicate in English. As we can see in some job vacancies, the companies will mention about the capability to speak and write in English. With the short description about, this post will find out why English is important in many different fields. 

1. International Language

This first reason has been known by most people. English is spoken internationally and many people understand it although they do not use it formally.

Since it is spoken in most foreign countries, it becomes one of the requirements for jobs, travels or everything which involves foreign country. People need to master English to ease their communication with other countries’ citizens.

So, do you still think that English is needed in particular field?

2. A Tool to Introduce Other Cultures

English as the helper in communication is also a tool to introduce other cultures accross country. This is felt by English learners who learn to master English as well as they are able to.

Don’t you realize that English makes you know other countries’ cultures? I personally feel it because while learning in the university, I learn many foreign cultures such as Saint Patrick’s Day, Helloween, and Thanksgiving Day. Besides that, you can introduce your own cultures so that other citizens can understand it. 

Learning English can be good start for you who want to know about cultures of some countries. 

3. International Relationship

Besides as the tool to introduce cultures, English can strengthen International relationship. It makes communication among citizen clear and concise. 

International relationship can be about politics, trades, or cooperative project from one country with the others. That is why embassies which try to recruit employees make English as a ‘must’ subject that should be mastered.

4. Education Measurement

Why English is important in many different fields is because it has been a standard that must be fullfilled, especially in education field. 

English can be a measurement for education since the curriculums of certain schools are based on the international standard such as Cambridge and Oxford. It usually occurs in non English-speaking countries such as Indonesia, China, Japan, and Korea.

I hope this post can help and motivate you to master English more. I am sorry for late update due to the inspiration seeking.

Do comment or like if you have another opinion about this post πŸ˜€πŸ˜, thank you very much


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