[Vocabulary] Classroom Language

Hello guys 😁, thank you for visiting and reading my blog. For today’s topic, I will discuss about classroom language. There are two sub categories which are classroom activities and questions asked when studying in the classroom. 

1. Classroom activities

Activities in the classroom are usually found to be related with knowledge, examination, or remove words which are wrong according to the teacher. The activities done in the classroom are:

  • Look up: find out the meaning in dictionary. 

Example: If you are confused, you are allowed to look  up the difficult words.

  • Borrow: use things and return it. 

Example: You can  borrow my pencil if you don’t have one. 

  • Rub out: erase or remove mistakes using rubber. 

Example: Your spelling is wrong, please rub out and fix it.

  • Plug in: put the plug in the socket and turn on the electricity. 

Example: To type your task, you need to plug in the computer.

  • Turn up: increase the volume. 

Example: To listen more clearly, you must turn up the recorder. 

  • Rub st off: remove writing from the board. 

Example: Rub your awkward drawing off, it’s ugly. 

  • Correct: provide the correction based on the mistakes made. 

Example: Let me correct your spellings.

  • Clean: remove the writings from the board. 

Example: Clean the board, please? 

  • Write st down: write sentences or words in the notebook. 

Example: Write your answers down clearly. 

  • Swap: exhange places/works. 

Example: Please swap your own works with your team mates. 

  • Repeat: say words or sentences again.

Example: Repeat after me, please

2. Forming questions

What does it mean? (βœ…)

What means it? (❌)

How do you pronounce it? 

How do you spell ‘rainbow’?

How do you use ‘to be’ in the sentences?

What is the difference between question mark and question tag? 
I hope this post is useful for you all. Do not hesitate to leave comment or ask me. Everybody’s opinion are welcomed here πŸ˜€

Thank you for your responses and visit πŸ˜‰


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