These Tools May Help You to Practice Vocabulary

What’s Up everybody 😁, in this section I will talk about tools which can help learners practice vocabulary. It will also make the learners know new vocabularies. 

Why do I post this? Because many people have difficulties in conveying the meaning of vocabulary. Mostly, it is found that some people speak or write the same vocabularies in creating paragraphs, and it is exactly inefficient. 

There are some tools which can help in practicing vocabulary, so do not skip this post if you want to know more about vocabulary!

1. Novels & Poems

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You might have thought about reading when it is about novels and poems. Well, your guess are totally correct. By reading novels or poems, you can practice vocabularies you have understood. Beside that you will absorb the new words. These tools are very advantagous because you are entertained with the story and provided with new vocabularies. It is simple and fun, just try it!
2. Movies

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Movies can be a tool to improve your English vocabulary. With movies, you are able to absorb new words and how native English speakers speak. 

You may choose any genres of movies based on your preference. It is enjoyable and fun. You get entertained while learning, so why not try it? 

3. Games

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Games are common tools to learn vocabulary. There are two kinds of games which are online and offline games. Both of the games can enhance your vocabulary. 

Why? Because through games, especially the online one with story, you are able to practice your vocabulary and understand new words. While for offline games such as scrabble, you are able to invent new words which you never know. 

4. Song

Song is also a tool to learn vocabulary. People who often listen to songs may be able to know the meaning of the songs because English songs contain vocabularies which are either easy or difficult. However, the words in the songs are usually found to be understandable and simple. 

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Among those tools, which one is your most favourite? I hope this post helps you all

Thank you for reading and visiting 😀


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