[Grammar] Present Continuous Tense

What’s up everybody! It is nice to see you all here. My today’s post is about Present Continuous Tense. I know you all have learned and heard about this a couple of times, but this is important to be learned. Why? Because people often get confused between Simple Present Tense and Present Continuous Tense.

I hope this article will help all of you who are still confused about Present Continuous Tense.

What is Present Continuous Tense?

Present Continuous Tense is a tense which is used to tell about event that:

  • Happen continuously
  • Occur only at this time
  • Occur in the future


  • I am sitting on the sofa.
  • He is going to have final tests.
  • She is preparing a presentation at this moment.


(+) Subject + to be + V-ing

(-) Subject + to be + not + V-ing

(?) To be + Subject + V-ing


(+) Positive Sentence

(-) Negative Sentence

(?) Interrogative Sentence


(+) I am reading a newspaper right now.

(-) I am not reading a newspaper right now.

(?) Am I reading a newspaper right now?

Subject + to be

I – am

We, You, They – are

He, She, it – is

Time Signal

  • Now
  • Right now
  • At the moment
  • Look! / Listen!
  • Always

Extra examples:

  • Look! The thieves are trying to sneak into the house.
  • She is always working hard.
  • I am sweeping the floor now.

Is it clear for you, readers? Do not hesitate to ask or leave comments. Thank you šŸ˜


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