[Grammar] Simple Present Tense

Hello readers and visitors! Today I will discuss about grammar which everybody should have known, Simple Present Tense. Let’s discuss the concept Before going to the pattern of tense!

What is Simple Present Tense? 

Simple Present Tense is a tense which is used to talk about:

  1. Rutinity
  2. Habits
  3. Facts

For example:

  • I play tennis twice a week.
  • She always bites her nails whenever she is nervous.
  • Donald Trump wins the election against Hillary Clinton.
  • I usually drink a glass of milk in the morning.


(+) Subject + Verb 1 +s/es + Object

(-) Subject + do/does + not + Verb1

(?) Do/does + Subject + Verb1


(+) Positive sentence

(-) Negative sentence

(?) Interrogative sentence

Subject-Verb Agreement

I, you, we, they > use V1

He, she, it > use Vs/es

Time Signal

Always, usually, twice a week, every day, seldom, and often.

Notes to remember

When you talk about characteristics or professions, you should use to be in the sentences.


  • I am disappointed
  • He is a teacher
  • She is angry

Pattern using to be:

(+) Subject + to be + adjective/noun

(-) Subject + to be + not + adjective/noun

(?) To be + Subject + adjective/noun

Subject and to be

I – am

You, they, we – are

He, she, it – is

I hope this articles helps all of you who have difficulties in forming Simple Present form. Keep learning and practicing readers and visitors!


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