[Vocabulary] Prefixes

Hello readers and visitors. As a starter of my return to writing and blogging world, I would like to start it with vocabulary. Our discussion today is about prefixes. I guess that all of you must be familiar with this lesson. Prefixes sometimes can make learners confused, especially the younger ones. For that reason, a […]

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Back to Write and Share

Hello readers. This is me, Fransisca, the owner of this blog. I am sorry that I was inactive for 1 year due to my routines as a worker in a company. I also regret that I do not post some articles for a long time. At first, I thought that this blog was just a […]

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[Grammar] Simple Past Tense

Hi guys! It’s nice to see you here. For today, I will discuss Simple Past Tense since last time in the grammar section, we had understood about Simple Present and Present continuous.  Before I go to to the main explanation of Simple Past, I want you to think about everything which is all about past […]

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[Vocabulary] Classroom Language

Hello guys 😁, thank you for visiting and reading my blog. For today’s topic, I will discuss about classroom language. There are two sub categories which are classroom activities and questions asked when studying in the classroom.  1. Classroom activities Activities in the classroom are usually found to be related with knowledge, examination, or remove […]

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[Vocabulary] Part of Speech

Hello everybody 😀, I am very glad to see you all here. First of all before I share about Part of Speech as vocabulary material, I want to say sorry fot being inactive for few days because of personal problems that make me unable to share something. All right, for today’s topic, I want to […]

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